Module Là Gì ? Ý Nghĩa Của Module Trong Các Lĩnh Vực Định Nghĩa Của Module Trong Các Lĩnh Vực

The emergency building is transported in individual modules, such as bedrooms and a kitchen, which are put together on site.

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The full computer program is made up of several modules (= small programs) which should be individually tested before being integrated.

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a part of a spacecraft that can operate independently of the other parts, especially when separate from them:

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a part of a computer or software system or program that has a function and works together with other related parts:
one of the parts that a course of study is divided into, which covers a particular subject and often has its own examination:
To describe the approach, a practical example related to the design of modules for woodworking machines is repor ted.
The concise rules can form the foundation of training modules that can jump-star t workers” skills to new and higher levels of competence.
The stiffness and stress of individual modules is examined first, followed by the performance of a composite structure of many units.
The model consists of several modules each returning overall cost of a major component from the simple mathematical representations of the factors described above.
The second part covers “advanced” features: polymorphic and higherorder functions, datatype declarations, modules, arrays, references.
During the integration session, the modules produced by the former students usually contain the problems, whereas the modules of the “thinkers” often operate flawlessly.
The condition for the case of basic modules ensures that there are no captures of free variables; it is sufficient, but clearly not necessary.

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